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Thank you so much for checking out my blog!  I should have done this years ago, but better late than never!

My name is Katherine Sorin and I am the author of the City of Whispers series and hopefully more books in the near future.

I didn’t start out intending to become an author.  I loved writing as a child, but it never occurred to me that other people might enjoy what I wrote.

That changed when I was living in New York City in 2011.  I was fresh-out-of-law-school and working an extremely stressful job when I confided to a friend that I was having trouble sleeping and that even when I did sleep, I often had nightmares.  I told him about one particular recurring nightmare in which I was trapped in an abandoned New York with vampires who looked just like normal humans.  The only way I could distinguish a human from a vampire was by the voice; the vampires spoke in low raspy whispers, and humans spoke normally.

My friend was pretty creeped-out by my nightmares and suspected they were caused by work stress. He suggested that instead of going straight to sleep after work, no matter how late it was, I should stay up for an hour or so every night and write about these nightmares. I figured I couldn’t sleep anyway, so I might as well do something instead of tossing and turning.  If it also helped exercise these monsters in my head, then that was a bonus.

I started out just writing haphazardly, but after a week or so, I found characters starting to take on a life of their own. I was thinking about them during the day in the office and of course at night as I was writing. Sometimes at night, my own stories would frighten me so much that I would have to turn on all the lights in the apartment. I talked to my friend about this and he asked to read some of my writing. Afterward, he told me that I had a really good story and he thought others would enjoy it.

After a lot of editing, arguing with my friend that I knew best, followed by a lot of apologizing after realizing that I did not always know best, City of Whispers became a book. I published on Amazon right before Christmas of 2011 and was blown away by the reviews and emails I received. I had never found so much satisfaction in anything I had done. I’ve always been an avid reader and knowing that my book was giving people a few hours of escape from real life was and still is an incredible feeling.

The response I got from readers inspired me to keep writing. For those of you who have already read City of Whispers, it may surprise you to know that I wasn’t planning on writing a sequel at the time I finished City of Whispers.  While I hope that everyone loves City of Whispers, I also hope that people find each successive book even more satisfying. I truly do appreciate any and all feedback from readers. Few things are worse than wasting hours of your life on a disappointing book and I never want to do that to anyone!

Happy reading and please keep your comments

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